Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Hello!  Hope you're all doing well.  Just want to let you know about a couple of things coming up.

*Parent Volunteers-  We will have our parent helpers start next week.  Reading helpers are scheduled for Tuesdays and Thursdays between 8:50- 9:00 a.m.  In the right margin I will include a list of the parents that signed up.  It is HIGHLY possible that I may have a few names wrong.  If I have put you on the wrong day or have left you out, PLEASE let me know.  When you come into class, I will have a folder with your name on it and instructions for the reading time.   Thank you in advance for your help!

*Vocabulary-  We will begin vocabulary next week also.  There will be four cards in your child's folder next Monday.  The cards will be placed in alphabetic order on a binder ring.  Every week your child will bring home four new cards.  Have them place their new cards in alphabetic order with the old ones on the ring.   They can use these cards to study for the tests which will be on Fridays.

*Halloween Party-  We will be having our party on Wednesday @ 12:30.  The hour will be spent eating and playing.  No costumes for this party please.  Below is the sign-up list for the Halloween party.  If you are unable to bring your item, just let me know.  Thank you very much!

Halloween Party Sign-ups:
One dozen glazed donuts- Jodi Corser
One dozen glazed donuts- Gina Cutler
One dozen glazed donuts- Tara Whitelaw
1/2 gallon sherbet- Amanda Giles
1/2 gallon sherbet- Rachel Hunt
1/2 gallon sherbet- Juli Westwood
One 2-liter Sprite- Jamie Hunt
One 2-liter Sprite- Dawn Spencer
One 2-liter Sprite- Calvin Slack
One 2-liter Sprite- Traci Shakespeare
Cups, Spoons and Napkins- Sydney Nakken

Monday, October 15, 2012


Welcome back for our short week!  This newsletter will contain the information you will need for this week and next week.

Math-  We have started our chapter on "Multiplication".  Even though we have already covered the basics of multiplication, there are some additional skills that the students will need to have.  Today and last Friday we have discussed "Arrays".  Next, we will learn how to use multiplication to compare numbers.

Times Tables-  We are hoping to finish up 12's before we leave on Wednesday for the break.  If your child has not passed these off, please practice a little extra with them in the evenings.  Also, 9's have been introduced.  I will send home the flashcards in the next day or two so the students can study them over the fall break.  We will start 9 pass-offs next Wednesday, Oct. 24th.  Thank you for your help!  The students are doing great!

Daily 5-  We are just finishing up our "Four Square" writing assignments.  In the last stage of the writing, the students are required to read their papers five times in order to improve fluency.  They then have the choice to present their paper to Mr. Oldroyd.  If the paper is read fluently, he sends them back to class with a little treat!
We have cut down a bit on "Read-to-Self", since our writing has been taking up quite a bit of time.  *We are not having a spelling list this week.  We will start up again next week after the break.  In two weeks, we will start sending our vocabulary cards home.

Unit Study-  After the break, we will start our unit on "Living & Non-Living"

Art-  Today we started string art.  The students are picking up this skill quickly and seem to be having a good time!

Have a wonderful break!

Monday, October 8, 2012

Newsletter 10/8 - 10/12

Thank you for meeting with me last week.  I enjoyed it very much!  Here is the update for this week:

Math- We are working on 2 and 3 digit subtraction throughout the week.  Many of the students are struggling a bit with the borrowing across zeros.  I have sent home a worksheet for homework.  The students will receive 2 extra "sticks" for the store if they complete it correctly, and with a parent signature.

Times Tables-  We are still working on our 12's.  We will finish pass-off's up this week.  Next will be the 9's.

Cursive- Complete lower case "n" today.  Will continue on "m" this week also.

Unit Study- We are finishing up our Iron County unit this week with a writing assignment.  After Fall Break we will start "Heat & Light"

Daily 5-  Yay!  We started our first "Four Square Writing" this week.  The students are writing a persuasive paper on the why Iron County is the best place to live.  The work they have already done is awesome and so exciting to see!  We will also continue working with words, read/self, & listening.

Interventions-  Our first week of interventions were successful.  Each student is placed in a group that will help with his/her strengths and weaknesses.  The students that are in my group are working on guided reading, word work, Mountain Language, phonics and the parts of speech.

Parent Volunteers-  I would like to begin having our volunteers come the first week of November.  I will send a reminder to those who signed up.  I will also be posting a list of the parents who signed up to bring treats for the Halloween party.  Your help is appreciated.  Thank you so much!

Next Monday is picture retake & make-up day.  For those students who want to have retakes, they should bring their original pictures to school with them on Monday.   Also, this Wednesday is thelast day to order T-Shirts.  

Have a wonderful week!