Monday, August 27, 2012

Newsletter 8/27 - 8/31

Hello! Here is the information for this week:

Homework:  Thank you for encouraging your children to complete their homework.  I have asked the students to have their homework checked by a parent or older sibling before they bring it back to school.  The students earn extra incentives when they have a parent initial their homework and turn it in at the first of class.  Occasionally there will be a problem on the homework that has not yet been covered in class.  If this is the case, help your child the best you can and I will go over it in class the next day.

Daily 5:  We have started our listening, word work and read-to-self.  It is all going along nicely!  Each child has their own bag of books on their reading level to enjoy during read-to-self time.

Math Groups:  We will be finishing up our chapter on numeration this week.  Next week we will begin our chapter on adding numbers.

Times Tables:  We are currently working on our 2 times tables.  We will try to get them passed off by the end of this week.

Cursive:  Our students are continuing to show great improvements with the cursive writing.  Encourage your child to write a little in cursive at home to reinforce this skill.

Unit Study: We have started our unit on Heat & Light.  The students will have a chance to move as a class to the other teachers for a lesson and experiment.  Next, we will be studying the history of Iron County.

Grades:  Please check your child's grades periodically on Powerschool.  On Thursdays I meet with your child to check their eligibility to shop at the class store on Fridays.  The students must maintain an 80% or above to qualify.

*I want to inform you of a personal situation that I will be attending to throughout next week.  I will be absent on Friday (8/31) through Friday (9/7).  On Friday I will be at the wedding of my niece in Salt Lake.  I will then be traveling to Gilbert, AZ to stay with my 5 nieces and nephews whose mother is undergoing surgery for a brain tumor.  Fortunately, I was able to get Jeanne Boggess to be the substitute during that time.  She has worked in my class a lot in the past and knows our classroom procedures very well. I appreciate your understanding at this time.  I know it is not ideal to leave my students this early in the year, but life situations arise that are out of our control.  Your children are doing so well, and I have no doubt that they will carry on just fine with Mrs. Boggess.
Thank you again!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Back in the swing of things!

We had a fabulous first couple of days of schools!  Thank you for sending your students ready to learn.
We have started right into the meat of the third grade curriculum.  The students have been a little bit tired, but kept great attitudes.  Here are some specifics that will help you out as we get started:

Folders:  Please make sure your child turns in a folder every morning.  That is the only way I can assure that your child is taking everything home.

Spelling: Will be sent home today in the folders.  We will work on spelling packets in class.  They will only be sent home if they aren't finished up during school time.  If your child happens to miss a spelling test on Friday, you are able to give the test to them at home.  Please send in a copy of the test so I can record the score.

Vocabulary: We will not start vocabulary for a couple of weeks.

Math:  We have now formed our math groups.  Each child is placed in a group that best fits their skill level.  The students will have a chance to have all three third grade teachers at some time throughout the year.  Math is held each day from 1:00- 2:15. (Wed. 12:30- 1:20)  Our first chapter is on Place Value/Numeration.

Reading/Language Arts- We will be starting Daily 5 this week.  During Daily 5 the students will be participating in Read-to-Self, Read-to-Someone, Writing, Word Work and Listening.

Cursive:  The students completed two cursive letters last week.  We plan to learn at least 3 more this week.

Times Tables:  We will have pass-offs for 0's & 1's this week.  Please review these each night with your child.  You hopefully received flashcards that will help with this.

Parent Volunteers:  We usually like to establish our routine before we start having our helpers come.  We will plan to start in October.  I will post more info. as we get closer.

Please feel free to contact me.  My school hours are 8:20 a.m.- 4:00 p.m.  The school number is 586-2850.  Or feel free to message me on my phone- 435-817-3732.  Text messages work really well for me along with emails.  My email address is

Thank you!