Monday, November 12, 2012

Newsletter 11/12- 11/16

We're back for another week!  Last week was our first week for reading volunteers.  It was great to have the extra help!  If you didn't make it, no problem.  I actually didn't send out the newsletter last week to remind you.

Here is a list of items we are currently working on:

Times tables- We're just finishing up 9's and moving on to 3's.  Please keep up the great work at home. Jaci's mom has volunteered to help with pass-offs on Wednesday mornings.  Any times tables missed can be caught up at this time.

Math-  We're finishing up Chapters 5 & 6 which deal with multiplication.  The students are now experts on the Associative Property, along with multi-step story problems.  The next chapter will deal with beginning division skills.

Vocabulary-  The students did a great job on their first vocabulary tests.  As the weeks move on, the tests will become more difficult, as 4 more words are added each week.

Daily 5-  Read-To-Self along with Read-To-Someone, Listening, Word Work and Writing

*Spelling Packets-  Spelling Packets are handed out and instructions given every Monday.  The students have time throughout the week to complete them.  Around Thursday, I'm coaching them through the last page which deals with some sort of phonics lesson.   Some students are deciding to do other things, therefore they are getting zeros on their progress reports.  I issue reminders all throughout the week and have told the students they are responsible to get these turned in.  Please ask your child about their progress on their spelling packets.  If needs be, the students ARE allowed to take them home to finish them.

Unit Study- Finishing up Living/Non-Living and starting our unit on Health.

Interventions- Guided Reading, Phonics, Mountain Language, Mountain Math, & Dictation.

Thanksgiving Party- Can you believe it's already here?!?  We will be having our party on Tuesday, November 20th @ 2:30.  Below is a list of people that signed up:

Apple Slices-
Chips-  Jodi Corser
Cheetos-  Tara Whitelaw
3 cans of Olives-Kris Slack
Cheese Cubes-  Michelle Nielson
One Jar of Pickles- Gina Cutler
One Jar of Pickles- Denise Purvis
One Jar of Pickles- Tiffany Mackert
Boxed Apple Juice-  Jamie Hunt
Boxed Apple Juice-  Rachel Hunt
Boxed Apple Juice-  Laurie Anderson
Napkins and Plates-  Carrie Horton

Thank you for your generous donations!