Monday, May 2, 2016

Here we are, the last post of the year. I'm so sad to think of sending these students on, but they're ready. I will miss them!
This will be the plan from now until the end of the year:

Reading/LA- We have just finished up CKLA Unit 8 and are moving onto Unit 9 which teaches about the age of exploration. Columbus and many other explorers will be studied. We have really enjoyed our unit about Native American Explorers.
I'm sure you've noticed the new spelling lists that are being sent home. These lists are the former third grade spelling words and I've decided to give our students a chance to practice them. This week's list will include 2 of the challenge words from the CKLA spelling list. The test will be on Friday. We'll plan to have a spelling list this week and then 2 weeks after that.

Math- We have just finished up Chapter 11 and have started our last chapter of the book. This unit will discuss plane shapes, lines and angles. We will finish this up soon and start reviewing for the Sage Math Assessment.

Library- This week will be our last week to check out books. Please help your child gather their books to return in the next week or so.

Art/Music/PE- These classes will continue as usual.

Social Studies/Science are included in our CKLA Units. We had a blast exploring our space unit together!

Schedule of Events:

Tuesday, May 3rd- Sage ELA Testing @ 1:00
Thursday, May 5th- Reading Celebration- 3rds @ 9:45
Monday, May 9th- Sage Math Testing @ 9:00
Tuesday, May 10th- 3rd Grade Battle of the Books @ 12:45
Friday, May 13th- Grand Battle of the Books @ 9:00
Thursday, May 26th- Thrill of the Finish (Field Day)- 9:00

Thank you again for the donations for our Raffle. We will plan to have our raffle on Wednesday, May 25th.  Also, we are still in need of volunteers for the Battle of the Books and Field Day. If you are able to help on either of those days, please let me know.

Thank you for everything!