Thursday, October 29, 2015

We have now started the second quarter. Our 3rd Grade Thriller was a blast! Thanks to all of you that helped us pull it off!
Here's our class schedule over the next few weeks:

CKLA- Spelling has started with our CKLA program! Word lists will come home on Mondays and the tests will be on Fridays. The students seems to like our Unit 2, Classification of Animals. Through this unit, we are able to cover our living/non-living science curriculum. Ask your child about the characteristics of living things.

Daily 5- Although we are heavily involved with the new LA curriculum, the students are still participating in Daily 5 Read-to-Self, Listening etc.

Math- Students are now working on Chapter 4 which continues on with Multiplication Facts. The students did extremely well on the Chapter 3 test and are excelling in their multiplication assignments. Thank you for your help with homework at home!

Times Table Pass-offs: We are still working on passing off our 0's, 1's & 2's. Thank you to the mothers that so kindly volunteer their time to help with this!

Keyboarding: The unit will conclude with lesson number 20. We are currently working on lesson 12. We will plan to finish up in 3 weeks.

Unit Study: Right now, our unit study is Living/Nonliving, which is taking place along with our CKLA Classification Unit as stated above.

Art: The students are finishing up their bird masks. We sure have creative students!

Music: Students have enjoyed learning dances and seasonal music each week.

Thanksgiving Party: Our Thanksgiving party will be on Tuesday, November 24th @ 2:30. The following is a sign-up list for that party. Thank you to everyone that donates time and supplies so the students can enjoy their holiday parties!

Apple Slices: Amy Barrick
Chips: Becky Burrows
Chips: Becky Burrows
Cheetos: Becky Burrows
3 cans of olives: Ember Merriam
Cheese cubes: Kim Parson
One jar of pickles: Cassie Nakken
Boxed Apple Juice: Hollie Jewkes
Boxed Apple Juice: Jamie Hunt
Boxed Apple: Melanie Barker
Napkins and Plates: Tara Oldroyd

Monday, October 12, 2015

It's hard to believe that soon the first quarter of school will be over. The class has settled in well and is proving to be wonderful! Here is the update of events over the next couple of weeks:

Third Grade Thriller- Those students who have reached 80% or above on their progress report will have earned the opportunity to go to our "Thriller" activity on Friday, October 23rd in the afternoon. We have some dance students from Cedar High coming to teach the Thriller dance to our students. The children will rotate through three different stations, all having to do with a Halloween theme. Those students that are not qualified will need to use the time to catch up their work.

CKLA- We are finishing up our "Classic Tales" unit and are moving onto a unit discussing the classification of animals. The students seem to really be enjoying the stories that go along with our daily lessons. They will also continue working on their word work through the skills strand of the lesson each day. Included in the writing portion of CKLA are many "Think, Pair/Share" topics and discussions. The students have responded to specific questions through writing and are currently exchanging their work with the other 3rd grade classes. Each child will have the opportunity to edit another child's work (anonymously) and have their work edited.

Framing Your Thoughts- We have continued working on sentence structure and predicate mobility this past week.

Math- We have just finished Chapter 2 and will start Chapter 3 today. Please watch for your child's test that is coming home today. Each child can have the opportunity to fix any missed problems and send it back for an improved score. Chapter 3 deals with Multiplication, which we already have a good handle on.

Times tables- We have started out pass-offs. If your child hasn't had a turn to pass off 0's, 1's, &2's, they will soon.

Keyboarding- We are not quite half-way through with our keyboarding lessons, but I'm encouraged to see the class doing so well. Thank you for your help at home!

Cursive- We have completed all of the lowercase letters and have moved on to uppercase.

Fall Break- Please note that Fall Break is next week. The students do not have school Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday of next week. (Oct.19-22) Please enjoy your break!

Let me know if you have questions or concerns!