Monday, December 2, 2013

Newsletter 12/2- 12/20

What a beautiful time of year! I'm so excited to get our social studies "Customs Around the World" unit started! We will be studying customs from South Africa, Germany, Italy, Japan and many others!
We are lucky enough to have our own Mrs. Karmeli make a presentation to the students about the country of Japan! If anybody else has firsthand knowledge of a different culture, please let me know. We love to have parents share with the students!

Math- We are just starting Chapter 5, which is continuing on with multiplication skills. We plan to finish this chapter up before we break for the holiday.  When we return, our math study will concentrate on division.
Times Tables- We have taken a little break from our times tables pass-offs. We will resume pass-offs and pick up on our 10's, 11's & 12's. As always, please run through these whenever possible.

Daily 5-
Read-To-Self- We usually do about 10-15 minutes of this daily.
Word Work/Spelling- We will have spelling packets/tests through the next 3 weeks before we break.
Listening- Our class read-aloud is currently "The Candy Shop Wars II" Our next class book will be "The BFG".
Writing- Hurray! I'm so happy about the writing that the students have been producing. They have been writing an informative writing piece about their perfect Thanksgiving. Next will be a narrative written about a day spent at Santa's workshop.  Their writing skills have been improving every day!
Read-to-Someone- We will begin this strategy in the next week or so.

Keyboarding- After the break, we will begin working in the computer lab. The students will have 20 keyboarding lessons. Each lesson will have a half-page of typing homework (starting on lesson 3).

Science- Also after the break, we will be learning about the moon and simple machines.

Music/Art: We will proceed with regular Art and Music classes which complement our studies in the regular classroom.

Volunteers: We will only have volunteers through this week because of our crazy schedule. Thank you for all you do!

Holiday Sing-around-the-tree/Assembly Schedule:

December 17th- 11:10 am- CHS Madrigal Singers
December 17th- 2:30 pm- Sing-Around-the-Tree
December 18th- 10:00 am- Sing
December 19th- 1:45 pm- Sing
December 20th- 1:30 pm- Sing

On Friday, December 20th at 2:30 p.m. will be our Christmas Party.
We have quite a few items that are not covered so far. If you are willing to bring anything, please let me know. Thank you so much for helping with these parties! The students have a great time!
Here is the list:

One dozen cookies: Sherry Bistline
One dozen cookies: Katie Murray
One dozen cookies: Amy Barrick
One dozen cookies: Lisa Deming
One dozen cookies: Jodi Williams
Boxed drinks: Jamie Dennison
Boxed drinks: Michelle Orton
Boxed drinks: Nina Barnes
Napkins: Juli Martin
Holiday Candies: Rachel Bishop
Holiday Candies: Jennifer Davis

Thank you again for everything! Have a wonderful holiday season!