Monday, November 16, 2015

The holiday season is upon us! We have many fun activities planned, including a Thanksgiving party next Tuesday, November 24th. Our Party Chairs are Crystal Stott and Melanie Barker. They are planning a fun craft and activities. A special thanks to them along with our Halloween party organizers which were Brock, Kim Parson and Amy Barrick. They put a lot of effort into that party and the students had a ball!

The following is a list of the sign-ups for the Thanksgiving party:

Apple Slices: Amy Barrick
Chips: Becky Burrows
Chips: Becky Burrows
Cheetos: Becky Burrows
3 cans of olives: Ember Merriam
Cheese cubes: Kim Parson
One jar of pickles: Cassie Nakken
Boxed Apple Juice: Hollie Jewkes
Boxed Apple Juice: Jamie Hunt
Boxed Apple: Melanie Barker
Napkins and Plates: Tara Oldroyd

Next Monday and Tuesday, all of the 3rd grade classes will be taking the SAGE Interim test. This is a tool that will help us determine where are students are at and what we need to do as teachers to help our students improve. This will most likely take the bulk of the time on each of these mornings. Don't plan on any homework these two days(other than the reading).

Have a great week!