Monday, March 25, 2013


Just wanted to congratulate the winners of the science fair, writing contest and yearbook cover submissions.
The science fair winners from our class were 1st place- Reagan Anderson, 2nd place- Ellie Nakken.  All of the entries were awesome and deserve recognition!
The yearbook cover entry winners were Ericka Marchant & Millie Harrison.  Millie's submission will be printed on the yearbook.  Congrats girls!
The Magic of Writing contest winners were McKenna Westwood and Millie Harrison.  So proud of these great writers!
We have our Spring Break coming this week.  There will be no school on Wed., Thurs. & Fri.
Have a wonderful and safe break!

Monday, March 11, 2013

Newsletter 3-11 - 3/26

Hello!  It was so good to meet with you this last week!  This class has been so great!  I would like to recognize our two spelling bee representatives this year.  McKenna Westwood took 1st place in the school competition and Millie Harrison took 2nd place.  These two students deserve a big hand.  They studied so hard and represented our class very well!

Here is an update for the next couple of weeks:

Math- We are in the middle of learning about fractions.  We will probably finish in the middle of next week.  The next unit will be on Measurement (Customary & Metric).  Please be watching for practice worksheets that will be coming home for homework.  These pages will prepare your children for End-of-Levels which will be at the end of April.

Times Tables- If your child has times tables they would like to pass off, encourage them to let me know and I'll make sure to find a time to meet with them.  At this point we are working to get everyone done with all 1-12.

Daily 5- We will be tackling another 4-Square Writing assignment in the next week.  The students have become awesome writers and are actually asking to do another assignment!  Have I mentioned that I love my job?!?!  We will also continue the Read-to-Self, Word Work, Read-to-Someone & Listening.

Keyboarding- We finished all 20 lessons.  No more keyboarding homework, but I would encourage you to look up some keyboarding games or apps for your child to practice on at home.  This skill is now very crucial and should be practiced as much as possible.  Thanks for your help!

Cursive- Still chugging along.  We should have all letters completed in the next few weeks.

Vocabulary-  I'm sorry about the inconsistency with vocabulary over the last couple of weeks.  We will plan to get back on schedule and have our test this Friday along with the spelling test.

Unit Study-  Hallelujah!  We have a new and awesome student teacher named Mrs. Kirsten Bradford.  She will be teaching our next science unit on Force, Motion & Simple Machines.  The students are really looking forward to this fun science time!

Looking ahead to the Easter party which will be held Tuesday, March 26th.  Here are the people that signed up to bring an item for this party:

Little Debbie Snacks:  Jamie Hunt
Little Debbie Snacks:  Jodi Corser
Little Debbie Snacks:
24 candy-filled plastic eggs:  Rachel Hunt
24 candy-filled plastic eggs:  Jennifer Edwards
24 candy-filled plastic eggs:  Sydney Nakken
24 candy-filled plastic eggs:
Boxed drinks:  Michelle Twitchell
Boxed drinks:  Gina Cutler
Boxed drinks:  Sydney Nakken
Napkins and Plates:  Carrie Horton

Thank you again for your generosity!