Monday, February 29, 2016

It's time I update our blog! We have had some very eventful days and weeks. Last week we had our Drug Prevention Specialist LaMar Macklin speak with the students about the importance of staying drug free. The students love his lessons and are sad to have him go. We have also been working on our Sage Mid-year assessments. Our last one will be tomorrow and will be focused on writing.
We have also found that our 3rd grade students as a whole need to work on reading fluency. We have ramped up our reading instruction and we hope to see them all make leaps and bounds of progress. Any reading out loud at home will help us with this effort.

Here is an update in all of our subject areas:

Math- We have finished Chapter 8 and are starting into Chapter 9. Both chapters are focused on fractions. Thank you for your extra help at home with the Chapter 8 test. We are also still emphasizing times tables and are continually working on pass-offs.

Reading/Language Arts-Our CKLA has introduced some interesting and very fun topics for our students. Right now we are studying the Vikings. Ask your child about the story of Thor, Odin, Sif & Loki. We take every opportunity to address comprehension and present deep thinking questions. Along with these stories the students are studying spelling patterns, vocabulary, conjunctions and sentence structure/order. Previous phonics skills are continually reviewed.

Social Studies & Science- Our CKLA units are rich in the areas of social studies and science. Our last unit focused on light and sound. Supplemental activities are included when appropriate and necessary to address the core curriculum in both subject areas. This unit on the Vikings will turn our focus to social studies as the last unit focused on science.

Art- The students finished pieces that they painted under the table lying on their backs. They were completing them in the "Michelangelo, Sistine Chapel" style. They had a lot of fun learning techniques from this time period as we were discussing the Romans in CKLA.

Music- 3rd grade music curriculum continues to be taught. We don't have our second music teacher anymore, but Mrs. Hunt is covering until a new one is found.

P.E.- Miss Taylor is grateful for the nice weather and is having the students complete their P.E. requirements outside. They are able to practice various skills along with getting some great exercise.

Looking Ahead:
Easter Party- Friday, March 25th. Here is a list of the sign-ups:

30 plastic filled eggs- Hollie Jewkes
30 plastic filled eggs- Becky Burrows
30 plastic filled eggs- Melanie Barker
30 plastic filled eggs- Cassie Nakken
30 plastic filled eggs- Mary Cozzens
1 Box Caprisuns- Jamie Hunt
1 Box Caprisuns- Becky Burrows
1 Box Caprisuns- Jane Clayton

Thank you for all of your help!!

Friday, February 5, 2016

It dawned on me as I was meeting with parents yesterday that our Valentines Party will be held next Friday, February 12th. Students are allowed to pass out Valentines to other students if they bring one for everyone in the class. I am sending home a class list today. Also, below is a list of sign-ups for the party. 

1 dozen heart shaped sugar cookies (Lin's Bakery)- Jennifer Davis
1 dozen heart shaped sugar cookies (Lin's Bakery)- Amy Barrick
1 dozen heart shaped sugar cookies (Lin's Bakery)- Kim Parson
1 container white frosting- Jamie Hunt
1 container pink frosting- Hollie Jewkes
2 gallons milk- Becky Burrows
Napkins, Plates, Cups- Jane Clayton

Those of you that are signed up for sugar cookies- I will call ahead to Lin's and have the cookies ready for Friday morning. They will be listed under my name.
If any of you aren't able to bring the item above, just let me know. We'll get it taken care of.
Thank you again for all of your help!

Also, on February 16th, the 3rd grade is in charge of the Presidents Day Assembly. This will serve as our 3rd grade program for the year. Since we are unable to fit all of the student body and parents into the gym at the same time, we are scheduling a separate parents presentation that day at 10:30 a.m. The program will be about a half hour long.