Wednesday, November 19, 2014

It's amazing how time flies. Next week is our Thanksgiving Holiday. We will be holding school on Monday and Tuesday (Nov 24th & 25th). School will resume on Monday, Dec. 1st.

We will be focusing on the following items for the next few weeks:

Math- We just finished up Chapter 3 on Multiplication. If you have not received your child's test, it will be coming in the next day. If you would like to have your child make corrections and send them back, I will add the points on the progress report. Chapter 4 continues to focus on multiplication strategies. You will be seeing some homework come home that will have your child work on the "Distributive Property". This strategy is difficult for some students and will probably cause some frustration. Do what you can, and then just have your child complete it the traditional way if necessary. 

Times Tables- We are finishing up pass-offs on 5's, 10's & 11's. We will work on 9's and 12's next. Have your child show you the "9's" trick if they haven't already. 

Language/Reading- Daily 5 continues with an emphasis on writing. Continue reading at home, it makes such a difference. I would also suggest asking your child some comprehension questions during their reading, or at the conclusion of their reading time.

Keyboarding- Yay! Our Chromebooks arrived and we are off and running! Keyboarding homework will be coming home on Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Fridays. I will be sending lesson 5 today. The homework assignments end on 20, so hang in there! Please watch that your student is using correct home row position. If you have a questions, let me know. 

Unit Study- We have just completed our hands-on portion of our Simple Machines unit. Next we will work on an informational writing assignment that will express the learning from this unit. The "Step-Up-To-Writing" program will be used to help students organize their thoughts. I also like to use some "Four-Square" strategies to supplement.

Art/Music- Continue as usual- The students have been working on Michelangelo style drawings which require the students to paint upside down, reminiscent of the work he completed on the Sistene Chapel. It has been a marvelous learning experience for the students. 

Next Tuesday we will have our Thanksgiving Celebration the last hour of the day. The following is a list of people who have signed up for contributions:

Apple slices:
Chips: Amy Wittwer
Chips: Kim Holyoak
Cheetos: Angie York
3 cans of olives: Vicky Heiner
Cheese cubes:
One Jar of Pickles: Brynda Thomson
One Jar of Pickles:
Boxed Apple Juice: Tori Jenkins
Boxed Apple Juice: Lacey McGarvey
Boxed Apple Juice:

Thank you for making our parties so fun!