Thursday, October 13, 2016

It's time for an update! Thank you for coming in and meeting with me last week. I thoroughly enjoyed watching your children show you their progress and being the "teacher" for a few minutes. They are all wonderful students with unique strengths and talents.

The following is a list of things that are going on at school throughout the next month:

Reading/LA- We have been working through our first two CKLA units. We are just finishing up Unit 2 on Animal Classification. The CKLA also covers our social studies and science topics. This was the perfect unit to introduce Living/Non-living concepts. In addition to the activities in Unit 2, SUU Art Education students have also been visiting our class every week to include Art/Science lessons on Living/Non-living. The lessons have been well put together and the students have really enjoyed the time spent with them. We will start Unit 3 next week which is another informational unit on Body Systems.
Spelling- If your child misses a spelling test, please give your child the test at home and send it in for me to score. Also, if you feel your child needs to be challenged, please have them work on the additional words on the list that can be found in the family letter sent home at the first of the week.
Keyboarding- I'm sorry that we haven't been able to start keyboarding yet. We will start keyboarding in the next few weeks after SAGE tests finish up. Our class has almost completed all of the beginning of the year assessments. They have been troopers!

Math- We are starting Chapter 3 this week. Since Chapter 3 & 4 focus on multiplication and we've already worked a lot on that subject, we should be able to move along quickly. Times Table pass-offs have started and I'm now ready to have volunteers come in and help on Wednesday mornings at 8:50-9:30 if that's something you're interested in. Just email me and let me know.

Art/Music- Our art, music & P.E. classes continue as usual.

Upcoming schedule:
Oct. 14th- Third Grade Thriller Workers Holiday (End of Term)
Oct. 20th- 3rd Grade Fieldtrip to SUU (Animal Ambassadors)
Oct. 21st- Picture Retakes
Oct. 24th- Harvest Holiday (No School)
Oct. 31st- Halloween Party

Halloween Party Sign-ups:
Party Committee: 
Chair- Lisa Blodgett
Co-Chair- Jandee Sullivan

Contribution for Pizza: (I had so many volunteers to send money, so the amount has been reduced from the sign-up page.)
$15- Becky Burrows
$15- Rachel Bishop
$15- Marcia Evans
$15- Haley Garrett

Boxed Juice: (10 Pack)
Cannon Sullivan
Nicole Huntsman
Carolyn Corry

Napkins & Plates- Danielle DeMille

Thank you for your help!!