Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Christmas break will be here soon and we much to accomplish!  The following is an update on each subject:

Unit Study- For Social Studies we are learning about how Christmas is celebrated around the world. If any of you are knowledgable about how another culture celebrates Christmas (and you're willing to come in to present to our class) please let me know. I would love to have parent participation if possible. I can accommodate any time that will work for you. Also, on the Friday that school gets out for the break (Dec.19th), we will be having a pajama party. For the p.j. party, the students are allowed to bring one item such as a stuffed animal or blanket. During the afternoon, I would like to have  "Christmas Around the World" story time. If any of you would like to share any kind of Christmas story with the students that day, please let me know and we will schedule a time that works for you.

Keyboarding- There was no keyboarding number 8 homework, in case you were worried. Please encourage your child to continue practicing their keyboarding skills over the break.

Math- We took the chapter 4 math test today. Please watch for the results to come home. As always, corrections are accepted. Chapter 5 continues on with multiplication.

Times Tables- Students are struggling a bit with the 12's. If you could keep practicing those, that will really help.

Language Arts/Reading- Daily 5 as usual with an emphasis on writing.

Sing-Around-The-Tree: Everyday next week the students will sing Christmas carols in the gym for half an hour.

Christmas Party Sign-ups:

One dozen cookies- Amy Wittwer
(Any holiday type cookies will work)
One dozen cookies- Angie York
One dozen cookies- Kristen Woffinden
Boxed drinks-
Boxed drinks- Janna Davidson
Boxed drinks- Tori Jenkins
Holiday candies- Natalie Beacham
Holiday Candies- Brynda Thomson

Thank you!!

P.S. If your child received a Lifetouch class picture that you did not purchase, will you send them back. Apparently there was a big mix-up this year. Thank you!

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

It's amazing how time flies. Next week is our Thanksgiving Holiday. We will be holding school on Monday and Tuesday (Nov 24th & 25th). School will resume on Monday, Dec. 1st.

We will be focusing on the following items for the next few weeks:

Math- We just finished up Chapter 3 on Multiplication. If you have not received your child's test, it will be coming in the next day. If you would like to have your child make corrections and send them back, I will add the points on the progress report. Chapter 4 continues to focus on multiplication strategies. You will be seeing some homework come home that will have your child work on the "Distributive Property". This strategy is difficult for some students and will probably cause some frustration. Do what you can, and then just have your child complete it the traditional way if necessary. 

Times Tables- We are finishing up pass-offs on 5's, 10's & 11's. We will work on 9's and 12's next. Have your child show you the "9's" trick if they haven't already. 

Language/Reading- Daily 5 continues with an emphasis on writing. Continue reading at home, it makes such a difference. I would also suggest asking your child some comprehension questions during their reading, or at the conclusion of their reading time.

Keyboarding- Yay! Our Chromebooks arrived and we are off and running! Keyboarding homework will be coming home on Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Fridays. I will be sending lesson 5 today. The homework assignments end on 20, so hang in there! Please watch that your student is using correct home row position. If you have a questions, let me know. 

Unit Study- We have just completed our hands-on portion of our Simple Machines unit. Next we will work on an informational writing assignment that will express the learning from this unit. The "Step-Up-To-Writing" program will be used to help students organize their thoughts. I also like to use some "Four-Square" strategies to supplement.

Art/Music- Continue as usual- The students have been working on Michelangelo style drawings which require the students to paint upside down, reminiscent of the work he completed on the Sistene Chapel. It has been a marvelous learning experience for the students. 

Next Tuesday we will have our Thanksgiving Celebration the last hour of the day. The following is a list of people who have signed up for contributions:

Apple slices:
Chips: Amy Wittwer
Chips: Kim Holyoak
Cheetos: Angie York
3 cans of olives: Vicky Heiner
Cheese cubes:
One Jar of Pickles: Brynda Thomson
One Jar of Pickles:
Boxed Apple Juice: Tori Jenkins
Boxed Apple Juice: Lacey McGarvey
Boxed Apple Juice:

Thank you for making our parties so fun!

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Welcome back from a wonderful fall break! Today begins our 2 day celebration of Red Ribbon Week. The students will be involved with activities that remind and teach them to be drug free. Today, we will have an assembly that includes the CCPD and the drug enforcement dogs. Tomorrow (Friday) is crazy hair day/ school T-shirt day.
The academics will continue as outlined in our previous post. We will have our #8 spelling test tomorrow.

*Reading Volunteers: If you signed up to be a reading volunteer, please come next week. The time will be 8:50 - 9:30 a.m.

*Frustrated and confused by the GoMath program?  South Elementary will be offering parenttrainings beginning in November.  We will focus on the new strategies and vocabulary presented in the GoMath program.  This is not a homework club directed at completing homework, but a training directed at parents who are having a difficult time understanding the new ways of thinking presented in the GoMath program.  We will begin November 6, with 3rd and 4th grade concepts from 5-6 PM, and 5th grade topics from 6-7PM.

Halloween Party: Our Halloween Party will be held on Friday, October 31st. It is scheduled for the last hour of the day. The following is the sign-up list from Back-to-School night.

One dozen glazed donuts: Lacey McGarvey
One dozen glazed donuts: Amy Miller
One dozen glazed donuts: Kate Herbaugh
1/2 gallon sherbet (any flavor): Amy Wittwer
1/2 gallon sherbet (any flavor): Kaycee Turek
1/2 gallon sherbet (any flavor): Kris Slack
One 2-liter Sprite: Tori Jenkins
One 2-liter Sprite: Amy Wittwer
One 2-liter Sprite: Sandi Lunt
One 2-liter Sprite: Kim Holyoak
Cups, Spoons, and Napkins- Brynda Thomson

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

It's time for an update! We have been extremely busy learning about Iron County with Mrs. Everett and Bridges with me for my unit study.  We were sad to see Mrs. Everett go and wish her the best. She made such a difference in our class!

Here is the focus for the next few weeks:

Math- As you are well aware, we have finished Chapter 1 and are immersed in Chapter 2. Chapter 2 focuses on interpreting data through graphing. We will soon end this Chapter with a test next Tuesday or Wednesday.

Times Tables- Mrs. Cindy Davidson has been helping our students pass off times tables. We are finishing up 5's and concentrating on 10's. It is crucial that our students learn their times tables and have them committed to memory. It will help them immensely throughout the rest of their schooling.

Language Arts/Reading- Our interventions are moving along nicely. If your child is in my intervention group, this is our schedule:
Mondays- Close Reading/ Guided Reading
Tuesdays- Mountain Language
Wednesdays- Dictionary Skills
Thursdays- Dicatation
Fridays- Mountain Math

We are also working on our Daily 5 skills.

Cursive- We have only 2 more lowercase letters before we start the uppercase letters. The students' writing looks great. They are all making progress!

Unit Study- Our next unit of study will be "Simple Machines". The students will be involved in lessons similar to our "Bridges" unit. Using the STEM method has been so beneficial to the class. They have had experience being "Engineers" which has given them hands-on learning that cannot be achieved any other way.

Fall Break:
Fall Break begins next Thursday, Oct. 16th and ends on Oct.22nd. Students come back to school on the 23rd.

Halloween Party: Our Halloween Party will be held on Friday, October 31st. It is scheduled for the last hour of the day. The following is the sign-up list from Back-to-School night.

One dozen glazed donuts: Lacey McGarvey
One dozen glazed donuts: Amy Miller
One dozen glazed donuts: Kate Herbaugh
1/2 gallon sherbet (any flavor): Amy Wittwer
1/2 gallon sherbet (any flavor): Kaycee Turek
1/2 gallon sherbet (any flavor): Kris Slack
One 2-liter Sprite: Tori Jenkins
One 2-liter Sprite: Amy Wittwer
One 2-liter Sprite: Sandi Lunt
One 2-liter Sprite: Kim Holyoak
Cups, Spoons, and Napkins- Brynda Thomson

Thank you for all of your support! I really enjoyed meeting with you all at SEP's!

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Newsletter 9/8

We've almost completed a month of 3rd grade. The time sure flies when you're having fun! Mrs. Everett and I are truly enjoying this class.
Here is an outline of our schedule for the next couple of weeks:

Math- Our GoMath lessons are moving right along. Your support at home is much appreciated, especially as this curriculum explores many different methods in completing problems. If you find that your child is struggling with an alternate method taught by the GoMath program, please just have them complete it in the way that makes the most sense to them. The reason all of these methods are explored is to teach to a variety of thinkers, which more actively addresses our need to differentiate in the classroom. Truth be told, this first chapter seems to be the most challenging. Just hang in there!

Times Tables- We are working on passing off our 5's. I will be sending a progress report in the next day or two to let you know where your child is at with pass-offs.

Language Arts/Reading- We have started our Daily 5 Read-to-Self. The students have built their stamina up to 18 minutes (reading silently with no distractions). We are also working on Reading-with-Someone.  Each Monday, the students are paired up by level. They complete 1 minute timings and conclude with comprehension questions. Our first Writing lesson was taught last week. Right now we are working on the brainstorming process and beginning our "Step Up To Writing" program.  Our Word Work section is addressed by our spelling practice each week. Last, the Listening portion of Daily 5 is mainly accomplished by our teacher read-aloud, although listening skills are constantly worked on throughout the day.  

Framing Your Thoughts- The students have been learning and reviewing correct principles of sentence structure. Ask your child about a "bare bones" sentence and what they can do to improve it. They know all about predicate enhancers and predicate mobility.

Cursive- We continue to work on our lower case letter writing. Soon we will tackle upper case letters.

Unit Study- Mrs. Everett is in charge of our unit study for the next couple of weeks. She will be focusing on Social Studies Standards 1, 2 & 3. Standard 1 states: Students will understand how geography influences community location and development.  Standard 2: Describe how various communities have adapted to existing environments and how other communities have modified the environment. Standard 3: Analyze ways cultures use, maintain, and preserve the physical environment.  The 3 standards fit nicely in our Iron County unit and the field trip to Parowan next week. 
Following Mrs. Everett's unit, I will be teaching a unit on Force and Motion.

Music, P.E. & Art classes have started. Our new art teacher is Mrs. Davis. The students seem to love her!

Character Education- Our class has attended some presentations concerning people and their differences. The class has learned that every person in our class has strengths and weaknesses. Some people may need extra help in one area when others do not. Maintaining a supportive and kind nature is crucial to the development of each student. I am so pleased that our students seem to be internalizing this information and making an effort to make each student in our class feel comfortable and appreciated. 

Monday, August 18, 2014

Newsletter 8/18 - 8/29

We made it to our first full week of school! The students are doing so well! I will probably end up composing a newsletter every two weeks and updates on an as-needed basis.

This is what we're doing in each subject area:

Bell work: Each morning the students have half page of editing and a half page of review math questions that we check in class. Today was our first day and it went very well.

Reading/Literacy- The students just completed the Dibels testing this morning. They will soon be benchmarked to find their current reading levels. In the meantime, we are gearing up for Daily 5. Daily 5 consists of reading independently, reading to others, listening, writing and word work. For listening, we are reading "Candy Shop Wars" aloud. If your child has a copy of this book, they may bring it to follow along. Word work will take place with our spelling unit each week. We will start spelling next Monday. Your child will receive list #1, which they should review daily. Daily journal writing is just one of the many ways the students will be engaged in writing. Throughout the next month, the writing lessons will be geared toward the "Framing Your Thoughts" curriculum. After that, we will start our first "big" writing assignment. Cursive writing is also taking place everyday. We have worked on lower case "i", "t" & "u".

Math- Before we jump into our "GoMath" program, we will review place value. The third grade teachers have found that this extra study will help the students immensely in their rounding unit.
We have worked on times tables 0, 1, & 2's. I would like to get these passed off by the end of the week if possible.  Next we will work on 5's, 10's, & 11's.

Social Studies & Science: We will be alternating these two subjects throughout the year. Our first unit will be focused on force and motion. Our science will include all four of the "STEM" areas. (Science, technology, engineering and math). I have almost completed my first session of training in STEM education through Dixie State. I'm confident the students will have fun while learning about each concept.

P.E.- Our P.E. class will be on Mondays @ 12:30 p.m. throughout the year.
Music- Mrs. Savage is our new music teacher. We will sure miss Mrs. Leavitt, but are grateful to have such a good replacement! Our class attends music on Tuesdays @ 10:30 a.m. & Wednesdays @ 10:00 a.m.

Reading Volunteers- We will begin reading volunteers on Tuesday, October 28th & Thursday, October 30th. I will send a reminder as this approaches.

The PTA would like me to remind you about signing up for the alerts that they spoke about on Back-to-School Night. They won't be sending the regular fliers home and instead will send alerts on their new system. Here are the instructions:

3 options to sign up for PTA alerts:

1. APP:  download "Remind101" app and enter code: @southel
2. TEXT:  send a text to (435) 238-4868 with the message: @southel
3.  EMAIL:  send a blank message to

Have a wonderful week and let me know if you have any questions or concerns!

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Welcome Back to School!

I'm getting so excited to see my new 3rd Graders! Please watch for letters coming to give you all the information you need to get ready for the school year. See you soon!

If you have any questions before hand, please email me:

Monday, February 24, 2014

Newsletter 2/24- 3/7

Here is the plan for the next 2 weeks:

Next week is SEP week. Hopefully you received a note with a time and a date. If you haven't received the appointment time, please let me know. School will be getting out everyday (including Wednesday) at 2:30 p.m. I look forward to meeting with you all!

Unit Study- Our unit study has been placed on hold in order to finish keyboarding. I am planning to pick up our "Moon Unit" by the end of this week. With our new testing outline, the students will now be required to type at least a paragraph on the writing portion of the test. This will require that our students practice extra hard on keyboarding. Thank you for being so patient with the keyboarding homework. After today, the students only have 3 more left! After the 20 lessons are complete, we will still practice keyboarding with our in-class writing assignments.

Daily 5- As usual. Our Daily 5 writing will be focused on opinion writing for the next several weeks. We are also working on vocabulary and dictionary skills during this designated time.

Spelling Bee- Our class representatives are Kirstin, Boston & Damien as the alternate. Congratulations!

Math- The students did an excellent job on our division chapters. Fractions will be our next area of focus.
Times Tables- We are working to pass the remaining times tables off. I will let you know next week where your child is at.

Have a great week!

Friday, February 7, 2014

Valentines Party

Next week we will be making Valentine packets for the students to collect their classmates' valentines. If you would like to send Valentines with your student, please have them bring them in on Friday the 14th. On that day, we will have our "Mini Mall" and pizza party in the afternoon.

Here is our class list:

27 students


Friday, January 24, 2014

Newsletter 1/24- 2/7

Here are the news items for the next couple of weeks:

Keyboarding- We've finally got our computer issue figured out. We started our keyboarding lessons this week. You can expect keyboarding homework next week. I'm sorry this has been so crazy! On the reading chart, just mark off the days your child did their keyboarding homework. Disregard the nights that there is no keyboarding homework.

Math- We're just finishing up Chapter 6 and will begin Chapter 7. Both chapters are dealing with division. Thank you so much for helping your child complete this homework. It allows each student to get the one-on-one at home that I can't always give at school.
Times Tables- We've covered all of the times tables in class. We will just continue working towards pass-offs for each child. I will be sending a report in the next week or two to show what has been passed off. You will also be receiving information on your child's current reading level.

Reading/Language Arts- We will begin our persuasive essays shortly. In the meantime, we are continuing all of our other Daily 5 strategies. We are also always working on sentence structure, phonics, vocabulary, dictionary skills and comprehension skills. Also a reminder for those of you that would like to have your child participate in the Spelling Bee; the date will be February 28th. The list is found on the South Website.

Homework: Please remind your student to put his/her name on their papers. We are getting a collection of those with no names.

Valentines Party: Thank you to those of you donating to our pizza party. If you'd like to donate, you may send it in to me or Erin Gregerson. She has volunteered to get the pizza for us on that day.

Thanks for your great support at home! I'm very happy with the progress each child is making!

Monday, January 6, 2014

Newsletter 1/6 - 1/17

Welcome Back! I hope your holiday was as nice and relaxing as mine was! I'm so excited to be back with my students. Here is the plan for the next couple of weeks:

Reading Volunteers- We will start up our volunteers this week. I may have some of you pass the children off on their times tables instead of the regular reading. Thank you for your service!

Math- We are beginning Chapter 6- "Understanding Division". We will also be working on our Mountain Math board which contains concepts included in the core curriculum. Please continue working on times tables at home.

Writing- We just finished up our narratives before the break and will take some time on writing a correct letter.

Reading/Literacy- We continue to use the Daily 5 method to address our reading skills. The students will be heavily involved in read-to-self, reading with others, small group reading, listening and word work. We also will be revisiting the parts of speech. Vocabulary is addressed all throughout the school day, everyday. For the second half of the year, the students will be keeping track of their newly learned words in a vocabulary journal. I also recommend having your child read out loud to you for at least 10 minutes each night. Please stop and discuss any unknown words.
P.S.- Reading records for December are now due.

Keyboarding- Our social studies and science will be put on hold for a few weeks while we complete our keyboarding lessons. Starting next week, you will see some typing homework come home most nights. This homework is only meant to take 10 minutes. If your child does not complete the whole sheet, don't worry. We would just like 10 solid minutes of practicing correct technique.  Also, please just sign the homework. There is no need to print it out.

Art/Music/P.E- Continue as usual.

Mini-Mall- Your child has possibly mentioned our class "Mini-Mall". This is a fun experience for students to make and sell items to class members . It also goes along well with our unit on economy. Your child can bring items from home, or get small items from the store. Please be aware that bringing items is optional. If your child chooses not to sell items, that is fine. He/She will still be involved and can shop at the mall. We will plan to combine the mini-mall with our Valentines Party on February 14th in the afternoon. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Valentines Party:
Since we will be combining our mini-mall with the party, I'm going to change up the regular party sign-ups. If you'd be willing to donate to the purchase of pizza, please message me. Thank you!