Thursday, April 23, 2015

Only 4 more weeks of school- It's so hard to believe! The following is an outline of the schedule for the rest of the year:

Reading/Language Arts- The 3rd Graders benefitted greatly from the lessons presented by Mrs. Eves' regarding narrative writing. The students are now working on a narrative writing assignment about our unit of study, which is "A Trip to the Moon". We are also working on the other components of the Daily 5.
Battle of the Books- During our read-aloud time, I have been reading the books from the battle list. We also have several students that have read the whole list and received a treat from Mrs. Marriott.
The students still have a chance to earn this prize.
Reading Celebration- Our reading celebration is scheduled for next Friday, May 1st. The author focus of the celebration is Mo Willems. The point of the reading celebration is to celebrate all of the reading the students have done during the year, along with giving them an incentive to do even more reading during that week.
Math- You've probably noticed that we've been moving rapidly through these last couple of chapters. We have recently finished chapter 10 (Time, Length & Volume) and are midway through chapter 11(Perimeter & Area). Our last chapter, which is 12 and will focus on 2 dimensional shapes. Thank you for your support at home.
Times Tables- Please continue to work on times tables with your child. I will be passing them off until the last week of school.
Unit Study-We have started our "Moon Unit". The students are having a ball and already know so much about this subject.
Mini Mall- I have promised the students that they can give the "Mini-Mall" another shot. I have tentatively scheduled it for Thursday, May 14th in the afternoon. The students can bring items from home to sell to each other.
Store- Our store will be winding down in the next couple of weeks. After that, I will let the students use their "sticks" to purchase raffle tickets. If any of you are willing to send in a prize to be raffled, that would be great. Some ideas: $5 gift cards, books, bags, beach toys & craft sets. Thank you for your continued support this year to make school a fun place!