Monday, February 6, 2017

It's definitely time for an update! This month is full of many fun activities and learning!

Here is the plan for each subject area:

Math: We just finished up our chapters on division and are now working on Chapter 8 which focuses on fractions. Mrs. Warren has taken over our math instruction and is doing a marvelous job!

Language Arts/Reading: Our CKLA units have been fascinating and fun. The units integrate science as well as social studies topics. Recently we finished our unit on the Vikings and  Space Exploration. Mrs. Davis has also incorporated art activities that go along with these units. Now Mrs. Warren is starting our unit on Native Americans.
Writing- Along with our new unit our students will be concentrating on informative writing. Editing skills are also practiced daily during bell work time.
Tier 1- I will continue working on our Tier 1 fluency and comprehension program using the CKLA readers.

Keyboarding: Keyboarding skills are practiced daily on our Chromebooks. Type-To-Learn is the program the students are using.

Upcoming Valentines Party: February 14th @ 2:30 p.m. Students are allowed to pass out Valentines if they have one for each student in the class. I will send home a list of students today.

Party Sign-ups:

Party Committee Chair: Marcia Evans / Co-Chair: Jane Clayton
(The party is mostly spent passing out Valentines and cookie decorating. Chair & Co-Chair basically need to help manage these activities.)

1 Dozen heart shaped sugar cookies (Lin's Bakery- need to order ahead)
-Becky Burrows
-Lindsay Dodds
-Jane Clayton

1 container white frosting: Tori Jenkins
1 container pink frosting: Carolyn Corry

1 gallon milk:
-Jandee Sullivan
-Danielle DeMille

Cups/Plates: Becky Burrows

Thank you for your help! Let me know if you have any questions!