Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Newsletter 10/29 - 11/8

Here's our plan for the next couple of weeks:

Math- We just finished Chapter 3 and will be starting Chapter 4 today.  Please watch for your child's test on the last Chapter. Generally, they did very well and are understanding the concept of multiplication. Chapter 4 is still dealing with multiplication with the focus on facts and strategies. I assume we will sail through this chapter just as we did the last. I am sending home 3 pages of homework that deal with practicing math facts. This homework will cover the whole week and will be due next Monday.
Times Tables- We have had some wonderful mothers in to volunteer their time for pass-offs. The students are working on their 5's and 10's right now.  Next will be 11's and 12's.

Reading/Language Arts- We are continuing our "Framing Your Thoughts" program.  By next week, the students will be ready to start their first writing assignment. We will have them write an informative paper on their perfect Thanksgiving.
Daily 5- We have built our class Read-to-Self stamina to 30 minutes. We are also continuing Word Work, Read-Aloud/Listening, and Writing as stated above.
Mountain Language- If you aren't familiar with our Mountain Language board, you will be surprised with the language skills your child is acquiring through this program. They practice phonics, sentence structure, analogies, and ABC order just to name a few.

Science/Social Studies: We are getting ready to tackle our unit on cultures throughout the world.  Although we are studying various geography topics throughout the year, the current concept we will address is Social Studies Standard 2 Objective 1: Evaluate key factors that determine how a community develops. During this unit, we will discuss the elements of culture (language, religion, customs, artistic expression, and systems of exchange). We will also describe how stories, folktales, music, and artistic creations serve as expressions of culture. If you have first hand knowledge experience, and information about a specific culture, please let me know. It is fun to study this unit during the holiday season, as we are able to introduce many fun customs that are completely foreign to our students.

Art- The students are completing their weaving projects that tied in to our math base ten study. We can't wait to see what the next project is!!

We have been a little short-handed with our reading volunteers.  If you are able to help out on Tuesday or Thursday mornings at 8:50- 9:30 am, please let me know.

Thursday we will have our Halloween Party. The party will take place from 2:30- 3:30. Here is the sign-up for those that are contributing:

One dozen glazed donuts: Lisa Deming
One dozen glazed donuts: Carolyn Forshee
One dozen glazed donuts: Rachel Bishop
1/2 Gallon Sherbet(any flavor): Alisa Petersen
1/2 Gallon Sherbet: Erin Gregerson
One 2-liter Sprite: Sherry Bistline
One 2-liter Sprite: Tasha Seegmiller
One 2-liter Sprite: Juli Martin
One 2-liter Sprite: Katie Murray
Cups, Spoons & Napkins: Erin Gregerson
The party will be at 2:30 p.m. If you would like to send in your item with your student, I will make sure to put it where it needs to go. Also, for those bringing donuts, it's very important to 3rd graders that they all get the same kind. Plain glazed donuts seems to be the favorite.
If you run into a problem, please let me know and we'll make sure it's covered.
Thank you for your donation to our classroom party!

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Newsletter 10/7 - 10/18

Hello! Thank you for meeting with me last week.  I found it very enjoyable and worthwhile!
Here is the information for the next couple of weeks:

Reading Volunteers: Looking at the calendar, Oct. 22nd will be the best day to start with volunteers because of Fall Break.  If you are a Tuesday volunteer, please come in that day at 8:50 - 9:30 a.m.  If you are a Thursday volunteer, please come on the 24th at that same time. Thank you in advance for your service!

Math: I'm so thrilled with the results of our Chapter 2 test.  The students have worked hard and we are finally getting into the swing of this new math program. Thank you for being such great sports! We have started Chapter 3, which is titled "Understanding Multiplication".  The students already have a great jump-start on this concept!
Times Tables: We have started our pass-offs.  The students have been passing off 0's, 1's & 2's.  Next will be 5's and 10's.
Mountain Math- We will start our "Math Wall" this week. This is another opportunity for the students to practice 3rd grade core skills.

Reading/Literacy:  The students have been heavily engaged in our Daily 5 program.  They are spending their time in "Read-to-Self", Word Work, Listening (Read-Aloud- Candy Shop Wars II), and Writing.  Many foundational skills are being taught through our "Framing Your Thoughts" program, which I explained at SEP's.  We have also incorporated our Guided Reading Groups on Mondays that include a "Close Reading". Each Close Reading will aid in furthering the students' comprehension skills.

Unit Study- Our current unit study will focus on "Living & Non-Living".  In this unit, the students will classify living and non-living things in an environment. They will also describe the interactions between
living and nonliving things in a small environment.

Social Studies- Communities- We are trying to reschedule our fieldtrip to Parowan in the spring months when it is warmer. We will pick up where we left off at that time. In the meantime, we will introduce our geography unit.

Art- Mrs. Petersen is starting a new weaving project that aligns with our math unit- learning about base ten, arrays etc.

Music- The students will continue working on seasonal music along with many other skills.

Please let me know if you have any questions, or if I've left anything out.